Landfill Construction in Massachusetts

Landfill Construction in Massachusetts

J. Bates and Son is one of a handful of contractors in New England that has the expertise to build landfills. We are qualified for landfill construction in Massachusetts, and can offer a specialized skill set to ensure the quality and safety of the landfill. We understand that municipal landfills must meet specific requirements in order to protect the environment, including air quality and any local water sources.

During landfill construction, challenges include nearby waterways, protecting the topsoil on caps, and slide slopes. We understand the importance of meeting landfill aesthetics and regulatory compliance on every project. Each of the projects that we work on will meet a high quality set of standards for engineering excellence. Our experience includes:

Landfill Cells

Modern day solid waste landfills use technology to contain the waste in “landfill cells,” which are individual waste disposal locations within the landfill. Each of these cells are interconnected by a system of welded liners. These are the areas where the trash is stored.

Landfill Caps

Once the landfill has been filled, a cap or covering is required to seal the top. Landfills can leak in two different ways: through the top or out the bottom. We understand the need for a good cap to protect the area from air pollution. We can build a quality cap system to contain the waste that is being stored.

Leachate Collection Systems

When water has percolated within the landfill, it contains contaminated “leachate” which must be contained. A good leachate system will include a system of pipes at the bottom of a landfill, allowing the water to be collected effectively and efficiently. J. Bates and Son has the experience to build quality leachate collection systems to control the water and protect the local water sources from contamination.

Gas and Flare Systems

Decomposing garbage emits methane gas, and the gas needs to be gathered, processed, and treated. This system can produce various chemical compounds, fuels, heat and electricity to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and control the cost of energy. We can build effective gas and flare systems for the landfills in the New England area.

Landfill Construction Management

John Bates has traveled extensively throughout New England working on landfill projects and J. Bates and Son has a presences on many landfill projects throughout Massachusetts. Our experience and expertise is unparalleled in landfill construction, and we are the leader in the industry. Contact us today to see how we can help with your landfill project.