Solar Construction in Massachusetts

Solar Construction in Massachusetts

J. Bates and Son has partnered with solar firms in the development of ballasted and post driven solar fields. It is a unique type of civil construction offered in Massachusetts and surrounding areas. Our partnership with these solar firms helps to ensure that installation crews and project management are working together, which is effective at reducing the duplication of work in order to save time and money. In an effort to harness clean energy, solar construction is becoming more prevalent, and we recognize the importance of building a high quality solar site. These projects can be completed on a large scale to harness the power of the sun and use it for energy needs.

Ballasted ground-mount solar systems have been found to be successful in areas such as capped landfills and other areas with rocky soil conditions. These systems can take otherwise unusable land, and turn it into an opportunity to produce clean energy through the solar panels. No excavation is needed for these solar systems, which can be advantageous when excavation is too difficult or too expensive because of rough terrain.

When solar fields are constructed in rocky areas, problems arise as posts are driven into the ground because hitting a rock will throw off the array of solar panels. So, building a ballasted ground-mount system will allow the land to be used in an effective way. These systems are sturdy, and can withstand high winds and other environmental factors.

Other areas without difficult or rocky soil may be better for post driven solar fields. We are experienced in both ballasted and post driven methods of solar panel installation.

Solar Power Civil Construction

We specialize in civil construction for every element of both ballasted and post driven solar fields. At J. Bates and Son, our skill set includes everything needed for solar construction: from the beginning stages of survey and layout, to concrete equipment pad construction. We have the equipment and talent to excavate the site and prepare it according to specifications for the solar panel installation. Our partners can then install the solar panels on the concrete pads.

Our civil construction company has the licenses and knowledge about environmental considerations that are needed for these types of projects. It is a specialized industry, and we know what it takes to get the job done right.

At J. Bates and Son, we are able to provide all the civil services needed for the completion of solar construction projects. Contact us today to discuss your solar power construction needs.